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Smikkel Kok offers you the flavorful freedom of fresh, artisanally prepared food without the hassle. Indulge in a diverse menu featuring high-quality ingredients, crafted with passion and care. Escape the daily cooking stress with our flexible subscriptions, allowing you to easily bring delicious meals into your home. From delightful oven dishes to refined meal soups, Smikkel Kok stands for convenience, quality, and pleasure. Let us take care of your daily meals, so you have more time to relax and savor the irresistible flavors that Smikkel Kok has to offer.

The uniqueness of Smikkel Kok

Dit zijn onze drie pijlers waarop Smikkel Kok ontstaan is, en waar wij garant voor staan als het gaat om ons eten. 


Fresh food is truly fresh at Smikkel Kok. It is made on the same day or one day in advance. We use fresh ingredients and do not process anything with E-numbers. 100% E-number free!


With artisanal, we mean handcrafted food. Authentic and with our creativity, we surprise customers anew every month. We specialize in stews, soups, dressings, and sauces. All made from scratch!


One of our strengths is the creation of flavorful food. And Mitchell personally guarantees that; his dishes don't leave the kitchen unless they meet at least an 8/10 standard. He excels in crafting the right and fantastic flavors.

What do we do?

Smikkel Kok offers flavorful dishes, from delicious lunches and sandwiches to customized hot catering. Our culinary creations perfectly suit any occasion.

The benefits of Smikkel Kok


With Smikkel Kok you can be sure you are eating really healthy, nothing has been frozen or (ultra)processed.


Smikkel Kok is your cook in your neighborhood, with whom you have direct contact. Nice and cozy!

Quick & easy

Smikkel Kok is faster and easier than Hello Fresh, for example. One app and you're eating soon!

About Smikkel Kok

In January 2020, Smikkel Kok was born out of a passion for fresh, artisanal, and flavorful food. Mitchell, the founder of Smikkel Kok, became passionate about the absence of artisanal food in supermarkets or at local stores. Real quality, with bold flavors, freshly made, healthy, and diverse, is what he sought.

From there, he formulated his mission:


"Providing everyone access to flavorful, fresh, and artisanal food."


Starting with fresh soups and lunch catering, he developed a small-scale meals and dishes concept in Amsterdam West. By now, he has (estimated) provided over 14,000 portions of food.


Smikkel Kok is committed to the manual preparation of food, the creation of recipes, and the innovation of new flavors. Every day, we work hard to improve our products and service. Upon request, we also create new products.

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Smikkel Cook and sustainability


Smikkel Kok embraces sustainability on multiple fronts. With less than 1% waste, we fulfill the promise of not wasting any dish. Our unique concept, where we exclusively cook on demand, minimizes food waste and ensures that each meal is prepared with care.


Furthermore, we value local communities by sourcing our ingredients locally. This approach not only supports local producers but also reduces the ecological footprint of our dishes. As the icing on the cake, we deliver electrically, demonstrating our commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainable mobility.


At Smikkel Kok, sustainability goes beyond a promise; it is an integral part of our culinary mission.

Onze klanten zeggen over ons

Enkele van onze recensies en referenties

Our references

Our references

Ontzettend handig, maar vooral ook heel erg lekker. Gerechten vol van smaak en goede porties! Aanrader voor iedereen die niet altijd tijd heeft om uitgebreid te koken maar wel heerlijke verse maaltijden wil!

Our references

Een heerlijke lunch hebben wij, mijn 40 collegae en ik, genoten op ons kantoor. Overal is aan gedacht en zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!

Our references

Love working with Smikkel Kok. The team happily helps with any request. Smikkel Kok is a customer focused service and catered to with a smile! I would highly recommend the Smikkel Kok team.

Our references

Incredibly convenient, but above all very tasty. Dishes full of flavor and good portions! Highly recommended for anyone who does not always have time for extensive cooking but wants delicious fresh meals!