Allergens/Food Safety

Smikkel Kok takes allergens into account and works to the very highest standards of food safety.

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Smikkel Cook on allergens and food safety

Welcome to Smikkel Kok, where we prepare delicious dishes for all of our customers with passion and dedication! As a dedicated chef and caterer, we understand the importance of food safety, especially when it comes to allergens. We want to ensure that all of our guests, regardless of their dietary restrictions, can enjoy our culinary creations with peace of mind.


At Smikkel Kok, we take various allergens into account, ranging from gluten and lactose to nuts and shellfish. We strive to be transparent about the ingredients we use and take the necessary precautions to avoid cross-contamination. Our menus are carefully crafted taking into account the diverse needs of our customers, and we are always ready to accommodate specific dietary needs.


As a chef at Smikkel Kok, it is natural for us to be aware of the most common allergens and their potential impact on our guests' health. We believe in open communication and encourage our customers to share any allergies or dietary restrictions with us so that we can provide a customized culinary experience that meets their expectations.

Our goal is not only to serve delicious meals, but also to create a safe and welcoming environment for all of our customers.


Smikkel Kok stands for quality, creativity and food safety, and we continue to strive for culinary excellence while respecting the unique needs of each guest.

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